"Magic is a mixture of energy, creativity, and lots of imagination."

Muse: @JustGabz_ // Photographed by Giovanna

7.19.14 #SummerRIMMIA 

7.19.14  #SummerRIMMIA was a real nice turn out, shout out to  +  for putting together a great event. It feels good to see everyone come together for a reason other than the underground… but the community. More importantly the kids! Im excited for the next one!

- Queens

#SummerFun with @JewlzSantana #JulyIssue 

Photographed by Giovanna 

"Unknown Universe" by Denzel Curry & Giovanna13

Late (Prod By JustMelv)

Just listened to @JustMelv718 ‘s new project  dropping July 30th…. yesss. LOOK OUT for that cause its real nice, smooth, and keeps you in a zone.  

Lets take it back… way back

Being an artist is keeping up with one’s imagination and balancing it as an adult gets harder because, we’re no longer children. From the curators of[nameless], we bring you "Peace & Mind"; A night of throw back elementary style ‘show n tell’, with an open mic twist. Come socialize with other like minded souls, sign up to show us your talent, and leave inspired to do more.  RSVP to join us!  Sign up to perform is only $5 You have one chance (1 song, 1 poem, 1 mic..ect)

Peace & Mind

Topic: Zodiac Signs 

Ran into this by accident and it kinda hit me. Damn.


#NewInterview | Giovanna 13

1) Who is Giovanna Blanco?

Well, Giovanna is actually my middle name and my name as an artist

[ Giovanna 13 ]

Blanco inspired from all the references I kept getting about Griselda Blanco, it got to the point I had to study her to see how we connected. Once I found that connection… Blanco just stuck.

The underground calls me Giovanna, Queens, or Chiefa… I guess whichever one you feel more drawn to.

I’m an artist, antisocial butterfly, & a young creator.

2) When did you decide to take painting seriously?

hmm good question… I want to say a little over two years ago, though painting is something I’ve always enjoyed since I was a youngin.

3) IF you had to choose between painting and photography, which would you choose and why?

Damn… that’s kinda hard but I have to say painting since thats been my go to diary since before I knew how to write. I love photography deeply…. but if I needed to vent or cleanse my emotions, I’d have to draw or paint.

4) Who are some of your artistic influences?

Depends on my mood, phase, and art category…  but over all the juice comes from God and the Universe always, as long as I’m creating out of passion.

I did however start drawing again because of Gismo who is a very hands on underground artist, his cover art for his EP’s are usually drawings by him. His style and color theme always inspires me to create… promise you he’s the ghetto Picasso of our generation.

5) Explain “soFLAW” and what it is all about.

soFLAW is an underground coven of indigo children on the low… but as a website it’s my blog where I’m free to post my personal favorites from the underground scene. Nothing on there is mainstream, no one asks me to post anything, & you can’t even submit. 

A huge department on FLAW are my muses (models) which I use to create my visions and dreams.

The whole point of is to show the real magic that is being created by underground passion. I feel like a lot of people may create but a true artist makes you feel their creation. 

Another point is empowering the female energy that is now dominating our new age, FLAW’s symbol means Queens in chineese but only besides the King symbol. I personally said “fck that” a queen is still a Queen even without a King so i copyrighted the symbol by itself.

6) How did “The Foul Hundreds” come about and how many people run the blog?

The Foul Hundreds came about by my homie @Almighty_Red , who was having visions and inspiration for unity and bringing the underground scene in south Florida together. It’s been over a year now, and I must say I’m very proud of The Foul Hundreds’ growth.  We have about 9 people on the team but that’s not even including the writers.

7) What is “The Art Lab” and when was it created?

The Art Lab is @RadarDetection’s studio where art is the motivation and the inspiration. The vibes are made to create yet get comfortable to enjoy the energies around you. Everyone that walks into the Art Lab are artists being driven by fate.  Art Lab was officially created July 2013.

8) Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Alive & surviving I pray. The world is so crazy and life can be so unpredictable, but God willing all goes good… I wouldn’t mind seeing myself own a gallery. Besides that, I will be traveling.. taking over the world with my art.

— Keep up with Giovanna 13 and her work here: | theeartlab | flawmovement 

Twitter: @QueenXChiefa @So_FLAW @TheFoulHundreds 

Stay tuned for more art/interviews coming soon!…

Underworld Flowz - gismo

Gismo is and has been one of my favorite underground artists since i discovered what the underground even is. His world play and how much hands on he is with everything is wild. 

#NEW @FWAYGOD - All Eyez On Me 

FWAY is one of my favorites, I’m not gonna lie at all. His energy can be felt through his songs as much as when he performs… thats LOVE.